Instrumentation & software used for this site

While the website design is my own, all the "magic" of generating the weather gauges, reports,
lightning map, and graphics is created using the below hardware and software.

Heathkit Weather Boom (white), the Davis Weather Monitor II boom (black) is behind. The Boltek lightning detector is inside the PVC box at the very top. The Davis rain gauge is close to the ground for easy cleaning - as it keeps clogging up with leaves and pine needles. New WeatherFlow Tempest weather station - Its solar powered, and includes a haptic rain sensor, sonic wind sensor, UV light sensor, and lightning detection.

Wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, barometer, and rainfall measurements:
Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II Station

Web graphics, reporting, and updating:
Ambient Software Virtual Weather Station

Lightning detector:
Boltek StormTracker

Lightning display software:
Astrogenic Systems StormVue

New for 2021: Tempest Weather Station:
WeatherFlow Tempest

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