Albums that all begin with “S” – Shop, Solid State, and Special Photos.

Just in time for Turkey day ….    Three more albums for you to browse thru instead of watching those boring-ass parades on the telly all day.

Shop Photos – all sorts of miscellaneous items, machines, close ups, and code equipment.    Many of these photos can be seen in various bulletins and pamphlets .   Pictured is a 510 code demo setup – complete with a B60 machine for the office and cabinet to display controls  and simulate field indications.   Neat!


Solid State State Systems – transistorized boards, code equipment, computer boards.  Some of these photos are repeats seen in other books  – industrial controls, pipeline, etc.



Special Photos – Illustrations, line drawings, miscellaneous photos, and closeups – all bound in one chapter that didn’t seem to fit in with any of the others.    Many of these can be seen in various US&S literature over the years too.


With these updates, this completes all scanning and posting of the books in the current collection.    Unless I missed something, which is possible.   And it only took 6 years!   Hopefully more groups or books may surface over time – if you have any  and would kindly share, I’ll put your name up in lights and credit you.

I hope to start adding some other bits of USS history to this site now – maybe some catalogs, UD notes, signal engineer articles, not sure yet.   We’ll see in coming months.

Thank you all for your encouragement and kind words over the years!   -Rich