Electro-Pneumatic Interlocking Photos

This weekend’s update is photos from book D-1, titled “E.P. Interlocking”.   A huge THANK YOU goes out to Kendrick Bisset for allowing me to scan these.     Below is the E.P. machine from Cincinnati Union Terminal:While this machine no longer exists – the track model is preserved and on display at the Cincinnati Museum Center.   There’s also a photo of the 72-Unit Push Button E.P machine at Belt Railway of Chicago’s Clearing Yard:  You can read about this installation at Clearing Yard in the August, 1915 edition of Signal Engineer (page 235).   There’s also a great article on the PRR’s Northumberland yard from November, 1911, which also featured Push Button EP machines.  I’m still searching for an online copy of this article.

You’ll also catch a glimpse into the life of a maintainer every once and a while in some of these photos, including this guy, who probably needs a bigger hammer.  If only photos could talk…     🙂

Enjoy – And again, thank you Kendrick for these fine photos.

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