Hump Yard & Car Retarders, A thru G

Three books of hump yards and car retarders online, four more to go.  Unlike the CTC machine photos – a lot of these capture action on the railroad:  cars being humped,  operators at their control panels, maintainers pulling out equipment racks.  There’s even a few night shots which are pretty cool:

Enola Yard, Harrisburg, PA (PRR) - 4-29-38

I didn’t think the Conway (PRR) group would ever end.   Of all the yards, it has the most photos – 190 in all.   There’s some neat photos of the VELAC Automatic Classification System equipment racks.   And there’s also duplicate photos.   I’ll sort thru them a little later and remove the smaller duplicates – but at least everything is posted.

As you’ve probably noticed, none of these photos are cropped – every photo is the complete scan of the 8-1/2″ x 11″ page, including the two punched holes.    If I had to crop and trim every photo, I’d need to check into a padded cell.   The captions are never at the same spot – some photos run into the holes.   No two images would be the same size.

Sometimes just rotating photos becomes a challenge.  Luckily someone at US&S had a good eye and included a hand-written note, because I would have missed this one:


And then there’s this photo – no matter which way its rotated, it still does not look right.   I gave up and just went with the same direction as the text:

(Did I make you turn your head on its side to have a look?  🙂

‘H thru Z’ Yards coming soon….



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