Clocks and other projects

The Numitron Clock:

The Numitron Clock, using a MM5314N clock chip - board designed by me (sorry, sold out).
Click here for the photo gallery of completed kits from around the world
Click here to see its assembly

Component side - board allows for diodes or LM317T regulator for segment dimming (upper left corner)

Numitron Clock (prototype):

Numitron prototype clock - made with two generic boards stacked together.

The GeekKlok's:
The first GeekKlok kit I built:

All packaged in an old exit sign enclosure:

Kit #2, for the Brother-in-Law:

Alarm Clock board, using MM5316N / NTE2060:

Clock board - with 2060, and four ULN2803A's for outputs.

Connected to Dialco incandescant displays.

Clock board - with some Numitron tubes. The grain of wheat lamps are:
yellow=AM, white=seconds, red=PM, green=sleep, yellow=alarm

DS1620 Thermometer:

Basic Stamp / DS1620 Thermometer chip / three UCN5801A chips / Big honkin' 7-segment display

Fun with some Dialco incandescant 7-segment displays & a Microcontroller:

Fun with a Nixies and Panaplex:
Fun with a Panaplex flat screen

Bourroughs B-7971 Tube:

These are the tubes used with the GeekKlok kit.

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