Subways (Book R-1)

This next update is from book R-1, entitled “Subways“.    The three sections are labeled Boston Subway (Metropolitan Transit Authority), Chicago Subway, and Philadephia Subway.   The Chicago section includes photos from the Chicago Rapid Transit Company and its successor, the Chicago Transit Authority.   The Philadelphia section includes photos from the Philadelphia Transportation Company’s Broad Street and Ridge Avenue Lines, as well as the Delaware River Port Authority’s Benjamin Franklin Bridge Line.

Westbound automatic signal on Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Bridge

Another big Thank You goes out to Kendrick Bisset for allowing me to scan this book and present it here for all to enjoy.   I only had book R-2 in the my library and never thought I’d see book R-1.  Many of the CTA photos are duplicated in the UR Interlocking Chicago Rapid Transit Company album, however I’ll leave them in this album since they are grouped together.   Book R-2 coming soon.  Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve been and engineer in the Signal Industry for 41+ years and have worked for both GRS and US&S. I have published a technical paper on the NYCTA Automatic Shuttle for APTA in 2009. The IEEE has requested myself and fellow historian, Joe Cunningham, to do an article on the shuttle. We would like permission to use your US&S photographs of the automatic shuttle in the article and will we need permission as well for the same from Ansaldo STS or do you have complete ownership?

    Please let me know. Thanks.

    Dave Rosenthal

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